Thanks for being here. My name is Ranjit Kulkarni.

The primary purpose of this blog is helping individual investors to form an investing framework, and to enable them to stick to the same in their pursuit of financial independence over a lifetime. For a normal individual investor, this blog provides the basic framework and fundamentals of investing for financial independence. Readers will find the basics in the early posts. Beyond the fundamentals, it is following them over long periods of time which is always the tougher part. In most cases, more than the framework, what is even more necessary is the mental makeup to stick to that framework through thick and thin, almost ascetically, over long periods of time, almost a lifetime.

In this blog, I have attempted to write to provide that mental makeup – writings that will help provide a calm head and a strong heart during turbulent as well as exuberant times, using a sense of humour and perspective. This blog attempts to be like a reliable friend, a source of unbiased commentary – observing, educating, entertaining and reminding – with writings on investing and life in general. Readers will find articles, commentary, satire and coffee with Jigneshbhai as part of this! Readers will also find writing on allied topics – like politics, business, sports and in some cases, films as well – woven into the essence of investing. Writing about slices of life in a humorous, satirical manner linked to investing has also evolved to become part of this blog!

Hence, this blog – while essentially being centered around investing – is a collection of my articles, essays, reflections, observations, satire, humour, fiction woven around this basic fabric of investing. I have tried to categorize them on the right for ease of navigation for readers interested in specific areas.

Readers can follow my blog posts via email by entering their email address in the box on the right corner. Typically I write not more than once a week.

Some characters you may meet in the writings
Jigneshbhai: My broker friend who understands investing and provides sage wisdom from time to time, though not always in black and white. Like in most things in life, he believes that the questions you ask are more important than the answers. And he rarely provides clear answers.
Swami:  My investor friend who often loses patience with his investments, with himself, and with the happenings around him – often leading to confusion. He often turns to my broker friend for answers, which he seldom gets.
The wealthy man in the sprawling bungalow: My old, rich neighbour who has been there and done that successfully in the world of investing. His wisdom is always cryptic and metaphorical, and he often talks in puzzles. Only Jigneshbhai seems to understand him, often leaving me and Swami scratching our heads.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy your stop here!

About my book

Recently, a publisher approached me to publish a collection of articles into a book – the details are below:

The title of the book is ‘Path to Financial Independence: Simple Strategies for the Individual Investor’, and it is published by Wisdom Village Publications, New Delhi.

Printed copies are available online on Amazon, Flipkart.
Link for print copy on Amazon.in (domestic) is here
Link for print copy on Amazon.com (international) is here
Link for print copy on Flipkart.com is here
eBook for Kindle is available on Amazon and the link is here


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