A Few Stray Thoughts (all my own work)

And for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like the past week has been great. After my book got published, there have been a number of new visitors and new followers to this blog. All I want to say is Thank You.

Like though the book got published (and it means I have something to sell), this blog is still a personal, non-commercial site with no business model, and will hopefully stay that way – primarily keeping the interests of individual investor in mind, as I have already mentioned here. The book is just a way to get the message of this blog across for individual investors, and costs money because the printing costs money. You can still read most of the important stuff free at this site if you are willing to spend time, but are free to buy the book if you like it.

Like I thought maybe I should write more frequently now, which is right. But then also thought that there is no point in creating more noise. The idea of this blog is to simplify investing and honestly there is not much to say every day or every week – so what does one write everyday, if not add to the noise? Maybe it means something in between.

Like though nothing happens every week or month for long-term investing, the markets do something everyday. Like last year they were excited about Modi, this year they are circumspect about Modi. Maybe next year, they will get depressed about Modi. Like last year they were worried about the Fed raising interest rates, and this year they seem worried about the Fed leaving it too late. Maybe next year they will worry about by how much the Fed will increase rates. Every day they find new things to get excited or worried about I guess.

Like anything is possible in politics. One election you fight someone and become CM, and the next election, you partner the same opponent and become CM. One election you won due to arithmetic, the next you say you lost due to arithmetic. Every election for every politician is a new one I guess.

Like I wonder why nobody is returning any awards anymore. Maybe the country got more tolerant in the last few days, or maybe they ran out of awards to return.

Like everyone except his hosts seem to have a problem with the PM’s trips abroad. Maybe we should be happy that at least people are inviting him – maybe they see some value in meeting the PM.

Like things under Modi’s NDA may or may not have changed a whole lot based on who you ask, but I dread the country going back to Sonia’s Congress. Or even worse, Lalu’s coalition.

Like watching TV and reading newspapers has become so suspicious nowadays. You never know who is getting paid to say what and with what agenda, and I don’t like that.

And this final point of view:

Like they don’t make humorists like Busybee anymore – we only have journalists shouting nowadays. And that this post is not a copy, but a tribute.

2 Responses to A Few Stray Thoughts (all my own work)

  1. Prashant Sant says:

    Thanks Ranjit for deliberating on the ‘in-between’ space / time. Maybe it deserves more attention from all of us!!
    This post also invoked childhood memories of ‘Busybee’.
    Keep writing as very few people can tread the fine line between satire and absurdities of life.

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