One Idiot

One Idiot is a short 30-minute movie with a message on financial independence. The film is an initiative from IDFC Foundation (which may mean that it may indirectly and tacitly act as marketing for their mutual fund).

But nevertheless despite that, it is a nice attempt to educate the youth of today’s urban India on the importance of taking control of their financial lives (in the world of plenty that they are today exposed to), and how it can pay rich dividends over time and also make them ‘cool’.

It depicts an ‘idiot’ uncle whose dressing, chappals and haggling on vegetables makes him the laughing stock of teenagers, while they indulge in ‘cool’ activities, and often find themselves or their parents short on money. Their attitude changes when they realise that he is actually a multi-millionaire who has made his money work. The film ends with important financial messages communicated in a simple manner by the ‘idiot’ to the youth.

The film has been screened at a number of colleges in India since December 2012 and will hopefully add to the level of financial education, something that is not taught at our educational institutes.

Directed by Amol Gupte, One Idiot is a pleasant attempt to educate young people in a non-intrusive, entertaining manner on the power of saving, investing and compounding, and the effect it can have on your financial independence over long periods of time.

Some creative hyperbole is used for effect (e.g. Net Worth of 100 cr, Rolls Royce, presumably for shock value – one may also call it false promises). The film’s creative aspects and story telling are good, and overall, it effectively conveys the value of investing and compounding, specially if one starts early in a manner that makes it ‘cool’ for college goers.

All in all, a welcome attempt to educate and to entertain! Take a look below

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