Didi’s Comedy Show

“I remember watching Didi’s comedy show on Doordarshan when we were kids on Saturday afternoons” said my broker friend Jigneshbhai as we were having our coffee yesterday.

didiSwami got excited as he remembered it. “Yes, it was such a hit show. I used to wait for it – that guy made all kinds of faces and antics, I remember. But he made us laugh.”

“Yes – the detective who thought he was smart, but always got into trouble, or got others into trouble with his ‘brilliant’ ideas” explained Jigneshbhai. He continued, “I remember an episode in which he takes part in a hammer throwing competition, and forgets to release the hammer; and gets pulled into the sky. Remember seeing many episodes like that.”

Getting a bit nostalgic, Swami said “Yeah – I wish they got it back. Non-stop non-sense it was also called, I think.”

“There is a new kind of Didi’s comedy show going on off late, isn’t it? I mean, it is not very different, I guess. Every time you think you are doing something smart, and every time either you get into trouble or get others into trouble!” remarked Jigneshbhai.

I wasn’t quite clear on what my broker friend was referring to, though I got an inkling that it may be something to do with the Presidential elections. I was wondering how something as important as the Presidential elections had anything to do with a comedy show.

My wise broker friend was on his own trip, though. “It looks like they are mixing कौन बनेगा राष्ट्रपति and Didi’s Comedy Show. And relaying it live on all news channels for the past couple of days. It is good entertainment, nevertheless”, he remarked as he broke into a smile.

Just then the wealthy man in the sprawling bungalow walked by past our table. We seem to be bumping into him and his cryptic thoughts often nowadays.

Pointing at my broker friend with a look of warning, he said “But you could afford to forget about Didi’s Comedy Show happily after a few laughs then. It is not the same this time. Remember, Didi’s Comedy Show used to be on Saturday afternoons, and after the Non stop Nonsense, the next day morning we used to have the महाभारत!”

4 Responses to Didi’s Comedy Show

  1. Ranjit Kulkarni says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    मी खूप शोधतोय,
    पण डीडीज कॉमेडी शोचे सगळे एपिसोडस मिळत नाहीत..
    कृपया मदत करावी
    सुशांत (९४२२६५३०२३)

  3. Sushant Inamdar says:

    मी खूप शोधतोय,
    पण डीडीज कॉमेडी शोचे सगळे एपिसोडस मिळत नाहीत..
    कृपया मदत करावी
    सुशांत (९४२२६५३०२३)

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