What does the US Economy suffer from? Diabetes or Heart Disease

I often wonder what is a worse condition to have, diabetes or heart disease. And what is easier to live or die with.

Like the wife says it is easy to fix heart disease if it is only that. You may be able to detect it before you get a heart attack, and do something by quickly having an open heart (by-pass) surgery. At least for a while, that’s enough.

And the wife also says a diabetic may not seem very ill, but must realize he is suffering from a chronic condition that has no cure. The only cure is to get out of that condition. And it is only possible to get out of that condition, if he eats and exercises well, and also takes the insulin and medicines.

And it is tough being a diabetic, specially if you are unable to manage it. The first step is to accept that it will be a chronic condition that you can live with and manage. But that does not mean it is not serious, and will not affect you eventually, if you do nothing about it.

Like I sometimes feel that the US Economy got a heart attack 3 years back, and the doctors of the economy thought this needs quick fixing. So they did something like a quick and urgent by-pass surgery, so that the world does not go into a seizure. That it was required at that time to save the patient, and it actually did.

Like it worked for a while, but seems like there are blocks in the heart that keep coming up every now and then in the US and other Western economies. And every time you do an angioplasty or a by-pass surgery here and there, you seem to have fixed the problem.

But it seems that the real cause of the heart disease is a chronic spell of diabetes over the past 3-4 decades. When people and governments gorged and gorged, despite high levels of sugar, and now are unable to understand why the heart disease is not getting fixed.

Like every time they go on a diet and insulin for a while, they seem to be getting back into shape, but some part gives up as it is not used to it, and asks for more food. And it seems life threatening every time, or does it?

Like the doctors and patients need to realize that it is diabetes. And diabetes is not something that can be fixed overnight. In fact it cannot be fixed at all. It can only be lived with and managed. It needs a change in habits and lifestyle. But if you do not do anything about it for 30 years, don’t be surprised if your eyesight becomes bleary.

The only cure is to manage your diet, build an exercise discipline, and pray to God that everything gets better. It eventually will, but that’s the only way – time and discipline.

And you may still need to keep checking your heart to look for impending heart attacks.

As Buffett said in one of his letters, “No sooner is one problem solved than another surfaces—never is there just one cockroach in the kitchen.”

Diabetes is the lurking cause, heart disease is the effect.

And so I met my broker friend and told him about my theory excitedly that the Western Economies seem to suffer from diabetes, and the doctors of that economy are giving them medicine for heart disease. And how it won’t cure the economy and it is the wrong medicine due to a wrong diagnosis.  He just flashed a wry smile at me, as if I was the last person in the world to come to that conclusion.

In a worried tone, he said, “That is fine. Just hope and pray that it is not Cancer.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this is very well written.
    Great job!!!!!!!

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