I discovered what our cricketers drink

I don’t know about you, but I must tell you how sad I felt for the Indian cricket team yesterday. The world champions in one day cricket and the world’s number one test side were put on the mat by the English team. So I decided to drown myself in some beer along with my south Indian friend Swami who drinks as long as it is not Thursday.

So there we went to the Manchester United restaurant and bar, and lo behold, the Indian cricket team – I think most of it  – was there. The captain was telling everyone to drown their sorrows in McDowell’s No.1 soda, while most of the team said no – we will have Kingfisher. These were not really the best of times, so how can we have the King of Good times, protested someone.  Bhajji and Gambhir (nursing his elbow) argued the next two tests are really the time to make it large, so insisted it has got to be Seagram’s. In all this confusion, I saw the team was unable to decide what to have.

Just then, Sehwag who had flown down for the third test joined, along with Sachin. The team asked them to decide what to have. “Boost is the secret of my energy”, said Sehwag. Sachin joined him, held Viru’s hand and said, “Our energy.”

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